Monday, October 3, 2016

Surprise! I am finally back...

Hello everyone, Surprise! I am finally back.......I was amazed that so many of you had checked in on my website. Thanks for caring.

My life has been a real adventure so I will try to update you all.
Roy passed away 11 years ago and I really miss him. However, I met a super guy from Oregon 2 years ago and we are now married. He has a lumber yard and hardware store in Baker City, Ore that his son is now running. We decided to live in my condo here in Utah since there is so many more things to see and do. Our first year together we took 10 major trips including Alaska and Hawaii, Philly and Atlanta. ( Have you ever been to the “COUNTRY LIVING arts and craft shows” I love it )
Dick Has 2 children and 6 grandchildren and I still have 23 grandkids and now 40 little great grand children. We love them all and TRY to keep up.

We just returned from introducing Dick to Cincinnati, Had a super time eating Cincinnati chili, Graeters ice cream (he loved them all) Had a tour of P and G and since Dick loves bridges we WALKED the suspension bridge over the OHIO river and back again. WE visited with a lot of old friends and are ready to go back!

Life is good, We are SO happy even though we are both 82 .
We feel great except for both having Macular degeneration which limits our driving..
Well, I`m sure that is more than you wanted to know but just know I am glad to be back visiting with you and hope to soon share some pictures and good food ideas
Please stay in touch and share your thoughts and ideas also.

SMILE ALWAYS, Bev Nye Hindman

We have a great time with our church group bunch of single ladies twice a month.  Love them all......