Friday, January 27, 2012

Exciting  news!   I can`t believe we have finally gotten  our new website AND blog up and going....It will be SO fun to share recipes, decorating ideas, shopping hints and new found product items.   I will be in touch every few days and hope you will stay tuned.  Please share any questions or ideas you have.  The response to my new book has been terrific.  So many still were hunting for "Sunshine" or "Rainbows"  and now they are available in one collectors edition.  I`m so glad you are all happy with it.

Well,  Just one more thing !  The rumor is flying around that I have DIED ! ....WOW,  my family will verify that I am very much alive.  Lets stay in touch and help each other build happy, healthy homes...........

Smile Always, 



  1. Hi! So glad to happen upon your blog. I have treasured Sunshine, and Rainbows, and Everyone's a Homemaker for many years. I watched you in Cincy and learned so much from you. I've been out in Oregon for about 17 years now. I'm glad to see your books are back in print, I know in the future, I'll be ordering as gifts.

  2. Maribeth, Thanks so much for the kind words. ! You are "THE FIRST" to comment on my new blog. I am putting some fun things on later today so I hope you will stay tuned .. Smile Always, Bev

  3. Bev,
    I just received your new book and I am thrilled to have it. So glad that you are now blogging and will be continuing to share your recipes. Over the years my family has enjoyed some of the recipes I managed to copy down from your cable show. In particular your oven fried chicken, carrot/cheesey casserole and strawberry fluff have been some of our favorites. Wonderful to reconnexct. Like Maribeth KC I watched your cable show when my boys were little. I learned so much from you as a young bride. Looking forward to learning more!
    Betsy from Dayton

  4. Congrats! I was looking through you book at Amanda's. It looks great :)