Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Morning !   Hope you are all having a sunshiny day !  We are in the process of putting together my Spring and Summer speaking engagments.  The two most requested subjects are ........
                                                  FUN IN THE SUPERMARKET
           A demo and talk on eating better, saving money and making mealtime great again
                                                   BETTERING YOUR LIFE WITH VITAMIN F
           Femininity, favorite fellow, family and fullfillment  ( lots of laughs and a few tears) 

I would love to include your group in my schedule.  Just contact me here or at my e mail and we can make arrangements.  There are SO many great people in the world and I would like to meet YOU !
                                                                            Smile Always, Bev
P.S.Watch this spot in the next few days for a super recipe !

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