Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hi again everyone,  I just finished mixing up my favorite creamy salad dressing and decided I should share it with you.  I could eat it by the spoonsful and it is SO good on baked potatoes, with veggies or chips.  i even like it on steamed vegetables.

                           YUMMY CREAM DRESSING

                           1/2 CUP MILK
                           1/4 CUP BUTTERMILK
                           2 CUPS MAYO
                           4 CRUSHED GARLIC CLOVES
                           4 FINELY DICED GREEN ONIONS
                           1 TSP. LEMON JUICE
                           1 1/2 T. COARSELY GROUND BLACK PEPPER
                           3 T. FRESH GRATED PARMESAN CHEESE

                           YOU WILL LOVE THIS !
I am eating lots of salads now like lots of you.  I try to come up with a different type each day for variety.
Some of my favorite combos are........
  1. diced chicken, mandarin orange slices, red onion and pine nuts (and, of course a base of romaine lettuce)
  2. diced chicken, pineapple, grapes, and orange slices
  3. chopped tomato, geen chilies, sweet onion,shredded  cheese, avacado and sprinkled with minced cilantro and a few crushed tortilla chips  (I usually use salsa as my dressing on this one   I`ll send my super salsa recipe sometime soon.
  4. For a special day when I need a lift,  I combine a few frozen(thawed) shrimp,  lots of chopped celery, tomato, some green chilies, green onion and use some cocktail sauce as my dressing
  5. Any type cooked pasta, diced zucchini, canned green beans diced tomato, cubed cheese (This calls for Italian dressing)
I always use romaine lettuce,  it has many more benefits than iceberg!)   So always chop a good bunch in each salad. Sure hope you will enjoy these and it will spur your imagination.  Let me know of any of your favorites. Have a super, sunshiny day and if it isn`t shining there, make your own....Smile Always, Bev

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