Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good morning, Everyone !  Don`t you love these fall mornings?  Seems like I have a lot more energy when it gets cooler.
Well,  first I want to apologize to you all for being slow to send fun things your way. I know a lot of you keep checking and I appreciate that.  I got a nice note from a follower who has lost my recipe for swiss steak and wanted me to post it.  Thanks so much.  It reminded me how good it is :)  and got me on the ball to write to all of you.  Why not fix this for supper tonight (and you could stick a few baked potatoes and a butternut squash in the oven,since its a cool day.  Just a tossed salad or cole slaw and  maybe an apple dessert.  WOW ) Your neighbors may be knocking on the door !

                                       Nye`s Swiss Steak
Cut, flour and pound  a round steak.  Cut is serving sizes and brown each peice in a little oil.
          When well browned, cover the meat with a mixture of
                           2 c. smooshed canned tomatoes
                           1 c. chopped celery
                          1/2 c.chopped onion
                           1 c. chopped carrots
                           1 bay leaf
                           dash of garlic powder
                             salt and pepper
Cover pan and cook on low heat for 1& 1/2 hours.

Have a super day and.......................Smile Always, Bev

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  1. Thank You sooo much for sharing this recipe again! I am the one who requested the recipe for my mom who has misplaced her recipe. We appreciate the response back. Thanks again and have a great day!