Friday, February 1, 2013

Hi Everyone,  I have been getting so many nice messages from you that I am feeling ashamed :)
I had every good intention to write regularly here starting the first of the year then.....I got the worst case of the flu I have ever had.  It lasted nearly all month.  I have never been so sick!.  The Dr. said i must have had every strain that was available.......Anyway,  I think I am about back to normal.
I did get some reading done while I was sick and 2 of my favorites were  "THE SHOEMAKERS WIFE".  It takes place in Italy (high on my bucket list) and has lots about food, and fashion.  I LOVED it.......The other book was  'THE DRESSMAKER".. It was really GOOD !  So if you are snowed in or just want a good break,  Check these out.
We have REALLY had the snow here in Salt Lake.  The skiers love it and it sure is pretty outside (If you don`t have to go out  :)
My freezer and pantry are still overflowing from the holidays and since i have been sick,  I haven`t done much cooking.  I do have some fun ideas floating around in my mind so I`ll be in touch again soon.
For those of you that like "hot stuff",  my son, who works for Heinz, tells me they now have their catsup out with Jalapenos !  Available  at Target or Wal-mart.  Give it a try !
I always try to do  a project during the winter months and right now I`m trying to decide if I want to re furbish my downstaire family room.   Can`t decide if I want a  "library (craftsman)  look or a white cottage wicker look.  Help !  This is when it would be nice to have a companion to discuss with...
Well,  guess I`d better quit and get ready.  My daughter and husband are taking me out to a new Mexican resturant.  My first "outing " of the year  !
Stay well and warm everybody.  I love you all.......Smile Always, Bev


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! That flu can be so rough. I'm rereading your Year Round Sunshine and I was just thinking of you as I need to start my February chapter. I always like February-- it's the month to find the first signs of spring.

  2. Glad you could get out! The kids took our free samples of the ketchup home with them and so we had to go buy our own bottle! I would try the library look since you have done white cottage wicker before. It would really feel like a 'new' thing for spring. We just moved our 'wall of books' to the living room and it is so cosy and personal and warm. We can see the fireplace as we sit and read too - a nice touch for those cold nights!

    1. Thanks, Shelli. I really debated about my choice but decided on the cottage look. it really is more "ME" and I have lots more Ideas and things to use for that. I`m excited and hope it all works. The painters are here today. I`ll keep you all posted.